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Knee tattoos

Knees are believed to be one of the most painful areas to be tattooed. So, people who had suffered the knee tattoo deserve admiration for their courage.
This area is specific with the fact that in most cases it is bold that’s why it doesn’t need shaving before a session. But the horrible pain, caused by a tattoo gun needle, which in this case feels rather like a sharp blade cutting through the skin deep into the bones, occurs due to lack of adipose tissue here. It is very thin that’s why it does not soften the discomfort.

But a unique thing about this part of the leg is that you cannot save yourself from pain even if you choose the opposite side of the knee. Even though it seems like there is a lot of fat, making a back of knee tattoo would feel way more painful. There are just a few people who had ventured such a torture. The skin is very soft there and a lot of nerve endings are concentrated making this are incredibly sensitive.

Well, as they say, the Art demands sacrifices! And the knee tattoos pain is one of the greatest offerings made for the sake of the Tattoo Art. As a result, there are quite a lot of awesome tattoo pictures, stuffed with tons of pain but nevertheless. Check them out in this category and try to stay as cool as possible and enjoy the esthetic side of these artworks.