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Leg tattoos

Not so long ago leg tattoos were a rare phenomenon, however as the tattoo art develops its enthusiasts had found this area rather attractive for inking it. But it is important to say that leg is a big area and a compound notion. It is divided into several parts.

Leg tattoos are good for both men and women, but men are not fond of making tattoos in the hip area, making it completely feminine placement. The structure of both sex’s structure differs a lot. Women have wider hips and more thin calfs, but men legs are more even and symmetrical. And from the point of view of the practical usage, women expose this part of the body much more often, what is not typical for men.

Sterner sex prefers tattoos on calfs or shins. And leg tattoo ideas for men are mostly biomechanical, tribal or Polynesian ones. As girls can choose almost anything they want.
Legs are a rather good choice for a tattoo in the means of practical convenience. No one will ever guess that you have a leg tattoo at your office if you are wearing jeans or pants. And if you need to expose your leg tattoo, just put on a skirt or shorts.

The general look of a tattoo always depends on the shape of the placement and quality of the job done. Legs as arms have a stretched form which is not ideal for big tattoos.
Basically to see the complete plot of a big wide tattoo on calf it is necessary to go around the leg. Choose leg tattoo designs which will be possible to see from a single spot. Another thing is hair on men’s legs, which can easily destroy the impression of your tattoo.

Use all of your imagination and try to imagine the result of a leg tattoo on your body and if you like it in your mind, do not waste any time and go to the tattoo artist. And of course, legs has a lot of muscles that’s why do not worry that it would cause a lot of pain.