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Wrist tattoos

Wrist tattoos for girls are one of the best and the most popular variant of placements, tough guys also choose this spot for a tattoo placement. Wrist tattoo ideas can be different, some of which you can find in on this particular page.

The most peculiar feature of tattoos on wrists is connected with the size of the area, which suggests that the design should be quite small. There are several groups of wrist tattoo designs often brought to artist by their clients:
– hieroglyphs;
– letterings – usually it is one word, as there are not enough room for long phrases;
– small drawings of animals, fishes, birds, flowers etc – all the stuff which goes to other body parts but much smaller;
– tribal wrist tattoo ornaments;
– different symbols (mainly in one color) – rings, bird flocks, chains, stripes, stars etc.

Men wrist tattoos, as a rule, are high-quality complex drawings with a lot of colors. Women prefer much more simple variants, but there also are a lot of beautiful colorful wrist tattoo designs. The most popular designs, however, are different bracelets.
Advantages of wrist tattoos are obvious. First of all, it can easily replace any kind of unique accessory. Also, such tattoo can be easily covered with a watch, real bracelet or a sleeve.
It is also not so painful to make a wrist tattoo.