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Biomechanical tattoos

Have you ever dreamed of a future? Have you ever imagined civilization of cyborgs and the technologies that became the part of human life? So the Biomechanical tattoos – is your choice!

Having absolutely no symbolic sense these tattoo style blows your mind with its unusual, sometimes freaky appearance. This style is closely connected with 3D tattoos, but the main thing is to combine different mechanism that replaced bones, organs and muscles. It creates the cyber people even though they are not real.
Biomechanical tattoo style appeared in the 80-s of the previous century and first of them were black and white. Nowadays they make it in color. And, God, that looks great!
The typical biomechanical tattoo represents pistons, a bunch of cogwheels, microchips, engines that are seen through the skin. You know, as in the Terminator movie.
No one, but a very skilled artists can create good and detailed biomechanical tattoos. Sometimes they do it in a special way making, for examples, pistons on the ankle move during walking. That’s really impressive.

Biomechanical tattoo is typically the choice of man, but such tattoo as technological wings on woman’s back will exaggerate her feminine side the best way.
The biomechanical tattoo represents the cyber-punk and steam-punk cultures.
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